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Meet the Maker of Mashburn Made

Hello, My Name Madison Mashburn. I am a Believer, wife, mother, maker and creator.​

I am a 25 year old follower of Christ, wife to my high school sweetheart, and mother to two year old twins. I was born and raised in Clinton, TN. My husband joined the Army right out of high school and we moved to TX and KY with the Army. He is no longer active duty after 8 years and we have finally moved back home after being blessed with our twins in March of 2021. I love telling stories through photography, as well as creative design, mural art, event design, and graphic design. 


Creativity and community are the two biggest factors when it comes to my own personal philosophy. Creativity is something that explores the wonder in your mind making learning and doing more enjoyable. Community helps you determine how that wonder can help you and others grow. If we work together to tell a story through photography or any design aspect, my goal will be to to create your vision while also building community with you and your family. 


My vision for my future is to use my creativity to build community and to do this with the Kingdom in the forefront of my mind. Let's work together!



Creative Design + Photography Portfolio

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